Every Ending Is A Beginning

And every beginning is an end to something? I love this notion. Just reminds me that life is in perpetual motion. Change is inevitable. Sure, forever can be great in certain instances, and some things do last. However, for the most part, everything changes. Even what we think is permanent transforms.

Last evening, as I was strolling home at the end of a very, very, verrrry long week, the moon lit my way. Yesterday was such a gorgeous, mostly sunny day, which led into a bright early evening. The sky was lighter than it’s been in months. I took a peek at the seemingly bare tree branches and noticed tiny buds. Soon… Leaves. Another chance to start again. The winter is about to end. I thought it never would. I think this is why I’m so in touch with the seasons – perpetual beginnings and endings.

Go with the flow.



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