On Repeat

What song do you have on repeat? You know the one that comes together in sonic perfection. The lyrics speak to you. The arrangement sinks into your being. You sing along, know every last chord. As an unabashed music fan, my song can change daily. (Last night, it was the Eddie Murphy/Rick James 1985 masterpiece, “Party All The Time.”) However, I have a list that I always return to. The list I’m going to carry in my pocket until my time is up.

As I was shopping for egg noodles this evening (tuna casserole was on the menu), I heard “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” I know I’ve heard it before on the grocery store muzak system. Still, it makes me laugh whenever I do. Tonight, it sounded really good on the soundsystem. Loud. I started singing along as I strolled down the aisle to grab a couple of cans of tuna. It was an early Sunday evening. I was the only person in that aisle.

That song is definitely on my list. Ah, but it’s not the tune on repeat tonight. “Alone Again Or” by Love is tonight’s selection. If you’ve never heard it, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. 1960s music magic. Candles, a glass of wine, a cozy blanket, the whirl and warmth of the space heater, and that song on repeat. I don’t want to be anywhere else right now.



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