Magical Fuss

What was all the fuss about? Reaching this stage is magical. OK… Maybe not magical. (It’s National Unicorn Day. I have magical on the brain.) Let’s go with satisfying. Being able to look back at a way-too-dramatic event and ask, “What was all the fuss about?” Well, it’s very satisfying.

As much as I’m a proponent of packing up your knapsack and moving on, I know the process isn’t that easy. I’ve dealt with the moving on process a time or two, or seven, in my life. Recognizing the stages, however, is important. That’s how you know you are making true progress. Give yourself time, but be proactive.

I’ve been working through a certain situation for a couple of years now. After many stops and starts, I’m pretty sure I’ve reached the what was all the fuss about stage. Was that person, and the situation, worth so much of my time? No. The situation brought me some joy; it also brought me a lot of grief and heartache. The person brought me some joy; he also brought me a lot of grief and heartache. I have some fond memories and nostalgia to curl up with on a rainy night. However, I’m also getting bored with my walks down Memory Lane, at least in this circumstance.

I’m ready for something new, or nothing at all. I’m also a believer in karma. Some days I think I should have been letting Ms. Karma just do her work all along. I’ve experienced karma on my end, and so will he. At least I hope so. I’m never 100 percent confident when it comes to matters of faith. I’ve had to come to terms with the ramifications of my behavior. Like it not, he will have to do the same. By doing so, we can both move beyond the fuss. I can at least, and that’s all that matters to me.

The fuss doesn’t even have to make sense. The most important thing is that it no longer matters. This isn’t to say I’m completely over the pain. No way. However, the pain is now becoming more distant, harder to recall. That is a pretty satisfying feeling.


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