The Last Of The Sugar Holidays

Easter, or the last of the sugar holidays, as I like to call it. Well, for the next six months at least. The cycle begins again in October with my beloved Halloween. The summer holidays don’t really involve candy. Memorial Day Reese’s? I don’t think so. The summer holidays are more about pies (yes, which include sugar) and mayo-based salads.

I know some people would be aghast at my description of Easter as a sugar holiday. What can I say? I’m a secularist. However, I do appreciate having a faith so strong that you have no interest in chomping the ears off a chocolate bunny. Sometimes I envy that kind of faith. It must provide boatloads of comfort in this crazy world. I’m caught somewhere between the secular and the spiritual. I dabble, incorporating aspects from many of the world’s great religions. Buddhism suits me the best, a loose version of it. I’m also fascinated by Paganism and the importance of being connected to the Earth. And Christianity has some wonderful aspects. To be a formal member of one specific church, however, so not me.

Using religion as a tool of oppression or to justify bad deeds, that’s where I have a problem, which is stating the obvious. Seems too easy to go down that road. I don’t know… Just be a good person and realize no one is perfect. Pretty simple. Do you need ritual and books to teach you that?

Now that you are fully informed on my feelings about organized religion, back to the sugar holiday. Nostalgia took over and I made myself an Easter basket. Whoppers, Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, Jelly Beans, big Almond Joy Eggs, the aforementioned Chocolate Bunny. The only thing I’m missing is the $5 bill I used to find in my basket as a wee one. Wouldn’t be the same if I gave myself a $5 bill. Oh, and Peeps. I ate one first thing this morning. I know why I prefer to use them for decorative purposes. One will induce a serious sugar coma.

Mini-danishes for breakfast, along with a hard-boiled egg sans decorated shell. I was thinking of going the natural dye route this year, using beet juice and such. Seemed like too much work. As for the mini-danishes, they’re not so mini when you eat five. Egg salad is on the menu for lunch, followed by a bottle of rose, and that pretty much wraps up this holiday. No family dinner this year. We had a delicious St. Patrick’s Day family dinner. We’re not Irish.

Watching parts of the Pope’s Easter mass is what prompted my thoughts on organized religion. Almost three hours is a bit much for me. A couple of years ago, I started watching Christmas Eve and Easter masses. I’m fascinated by the pomp and circumstance, and I like Pope Francis. He’s genuine. I respect that, even if I don’t agree with all of the Catholic Church’s teachings. His emphasis on helping the poor and suffering is pretty much what I think organized religion should be all about. As a student of art history, I’m also intrigued by the architecture in St. Peter’s Square. All that ornate design. Such a contrast to the Lutheran church I used to occasionally attend on Christmas Eve with my grandparents. And the flowers… So colorful and welcoming. It’s raining in Rome, so everyone is holding up bright yellow and white umbrellas.

Man this is long. I might have to see if I can find “Easter Parade” on YouTube. I tried to find “It’s The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown” earlier this morning. I could only find the scene of Snoopy skipping along against a peachy-pink sky, delivering Easter eggs, to a happy tune. An adorable scene, but I wanted more than two minutes of the Peanuts, for free of course. Told ya I was a secularist.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Easter Monday was a holiday in the States? We’re so stingy with the holiday weekends in this country. So, Easter afternoon becomes just another Sunday. Loads of laundry and prepping for the work week ahead.

I was going to plant something today, thinking the sky would be filled with the glorious sunshine they predicted. Ah, but that was yesterday. I went coatless for the first time in months. We are having a breezy morning in these parts. My new wind chimes are chiming up a storm. The branches of the flowering trees are swaying to the beat. Aside from the sugar, I love the springtime beauty of Easter. Everything is alive again. Hm. Sounds like another story.




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