I’ve had fantastical stories in my head for as long as I can remember. Always a little beyond the normal realm of a fertile childhood imagination. I’ve been putting these thoughts on paper and the screen since I was an adolescent, questioning everything and wondering what’s it all about. When I took a creative writing elective class in middle school, I was hooked. I’ve been keeping a diary of some sort ever since.

Fast forward many years, make that many decades, and now I do the grown-up writing bit. I keep a blog to practice writing for an audience, vital to the process in my humble opinion. Just tidbits here and there, to see how I’m doing. Learning and transformation, starting over, and moving in different directions, are what keep us alive.

I spend most of my time working to survive and write in between. However, writing is the real reason I have survived travelling down this long road from there to here.